The Ethiopian Education and Research Network (EthERNet) was initiated in 2001 as part of a national capacity building program along with SchoolNet and WoredaNet

What is EFIS?

The Ethiopian Federated Identity System (EFIS) is a national digital identity framework that enables secure, centralized authentication for various online services. It eliminates the need for users to create and manage multiple login credentials for different websites.

Benefits of EFIS

education roaming

eduroam offers global, secure Wi-Fi access for academic users, allowing them to connect seamlessly across institutions with a single login.

Virtual Private Network

Ensuring secure access to internal services and browsing the internet safely involves implementing strong security measures like encryption, authentication, and firewalls.

BigBlueButton video conferencing

Empowering educators and students to connect, learn, and collaborate seamlessly through virtual meetings, classes, and user-friendly collaborative tools.

EDUcation Global Authentication INfrastructure

eduGAIN simplifies connections between research and education institutions for secure sharing of authentication and authorization.

High-performance computing

Advanced supercomputers and clusters to solve complex computational problems, benefiting Ethiopian universities.

Web application for sending files of any size

Offers a reliable solution that facilitates secure and efficient file sharing between users.